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  • End-User Advisory Committee
    End-User Advisory Committee list.
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  • Announcements
    Welcome to the Confidential Computing Consortium announce mailing list. This is a public list, and is announce-only.
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    Communications for all associate CCC members.
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  • Tech: Attestation
    Cross-project collaboration focusing on attestation.
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    Distribution list to voting, marketing and technical contacts of General Members.
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  • grc
    Every time a new security technology with broad applicability emerges, regulations follow. This usually happens after the technology in question is deployed beyond some critical mass: in other words, regulations do not go into effect until there is a way for regulated entities to comply with them. This has already happened with data-in-transit and data-at-rest protections. Confidential Computing will shield data-in-use, completing the trifecta. Regulatory bodies vary in scope: regulations are put in place by nation states (Luxembourg), federal agencies (SEC), state legislatures (California), industry bodies (PCI-DSS), and regional powers (GDPR). Regardless of scope, all regulators demand that the subjects of regulations achieve, maintain, and prove on demand compliance with a given set of criteria. Failure to comply can be very costly indeed: for instance, a financial firm may lose its license to operate, effectively putting it out of business. As a result, regulated institutions treat these matters extremely seriously. In addition, even outside of externally imposed regulations, a business may enter into contractual relationships with its customers and/or suppliers, and then would also need to assess compliance with those commitments. The purpose of the SIG is to partner with existing regulatory bodies with the explicit goal of crafting, and speeding up the adoption of, regulations around data-in-use protections, such that compliance with these new regulations would also result in better security outcomes.
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  • Linux Kernel Collaboration
    This is a public mailing list for coordination on topics which span the Linux kernel and Confidential Computing Consortium.
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  • Open Enclave SDK
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  • outreach
    This is the mailing list for the Outreach Committee of the Confidential Computing Consortium.
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  • projectmentors
    This list serves as a place for project mentors to facilitate communications between events, sponsorship, and projects.
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  • Security (All CCC projects)
    Welcome to the Confidential Computing Consortium security-all mailing list. This is an invitation-only list where core maintainers coordinate on embargoed security information, and may also be used to disclose suspected vulnerabilities in Confidential Computing Consortium projects ( ) that do not have a security escalation path. *Discussion on this list is confidential, and is limited to discussing the impact and resolution of security concerns prior to public disclosure.* This list is configured to receive emails from anyone who has subscribed to any other Confidential Computing Consortium mailing list. *You must at least join the main mailing list ( ) to send email to this list.* The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) ( ) brings together hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards. CCC is a project community at the Linux Foundation ( ) dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. It embodies the open governance and open collaboration that has aided the success of similarly ambitious efforts. The effort includes commitments from numerous member organizations ( ) and contributions from several open source projects ( ).
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  • tac
    The mailing list for the Technical Advisory Council of the Confidential Computing Consortium.
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