Re: More Meetings (move to Zoom)


I've created an initial set of meetings on our shared calendar -

It looks like does not broadcast calendar invites to the mailing list, though they show up on the web view of the discussion. If you click on the link above, you can download a .ics file for each event that you'd like to attend.

Current meeting list is:
- triage, Monday morning (PT)
- sig-architecture, Tuesday morning (PT) (*)
- sig-testing, Tuesday evening (PT) (*)
- CGC private meeting

After a little more discussion, the fifth meeting doesn't seem necessary yet. If folks want to host additional meetings and would like any help creating the calendar entry or moderating the meeting, you're welcome to reach out to me. The TAC approved my request for an official Zoom account for the project. The account is yet to be created though, so the Zoom links may change when these meetings transition to that account. I'll update the list at that time.

Once again, I want to thank everyone for their patience while this process starts up.


(*) I've proposed the use of the term "SIG" for "Special Interest Group" in my governance patch here -

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Hi all,

As we move to having more focused meetings, I proposed to the CGC yesterday that meetings begin to move from their current locations to a community-managed Zoom location, with a published schedule. This plan was agreed to.

I've received requests for, and been included in, five different topical meetings so far. After soliciting input from the interest-groups represented in each meeting, we have an initial schedule. Everyone has done their best to meet the needs of each group with respect to meeting times, though I know that these meeting times may not be perfect for everyone.

I am working right now with our account to see if I can create these in a group calendar for ease of access.

I also want to draw attention to a change in one existing meeting: the Triage meeting will be moving from Tuesday to Monday, so that it can better align work on Issues and PRs for the week. I'll send a follow up email on Monday morning to remind everyone about this change.

Thanks for your patience while we bootstrap this process.


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