v0.16.0 RC1

Rob Sanchez


Open Enclave version v0.16.0 will soon be published, and we want to send out some release candidate packages (Windows Server 2019, Ubuntu 18.04) for pre-release testing. You can find the v0.16.0 RC1 release candidate packages on GitHub below:

Release v0.16.0-rc1 * openenclave/openenclave (github.com)<https://github.com/openenclave/openenclave/releases/tag/v0.16.0-rc1>

Please test these packages and let us know if you come across any issues. Thank you so much for your help!

To the Committers of the OE SDK: Please let us know if we have missed anything in the release notes. We should update our CHANGELOG if so.

Thank you so much to everyone in helping us drive and deliver this release! Please use our GitHub repo to report any issues that you may come across in your use of the SDK!



Release Notes

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