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Dave Thaler

I believe that all three of those are under the attestation SIG not the architecture SIG
as they are all attestation-specific.

The way that plugins get registered/loaded/initialized on the other hand is for the architecture SIG
since ideally the answer should be similar across different types of plugins, where attestation is just
one type of plugin.


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I’m getting oriented in the attestation SIG and its purpose.
The previous minutes list 3 github issues and I just want to get the right context for them.

Is it the case that …
#2949 is an iteration on the current API
#2801 is design background on the current API
#2959 is requirements towards a new API

The minutes indicate that this forum will focus on immediate concerns whereas architectural design (like #2959 if I interpreted that correctly) will take place in the Architecture SIG?


Dan Middleton
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