More Meetings (move to Zoom)


Hi all,

As we move to having more focused meetings, I proposed to the CGC yesterday that meetings begin to move from their current locations to a community-managed Zoom location, with a published schedule. This plan was agreed to.

I've received requests for, and been included in, five different topical meetings so far. After soliciting input from the interest-groups represented in each meeting, we have an initial schedule. Everyone has done their best to meet the needs of each group with respect to meeting times, though I know that these meeting times may not be perfect for everyone.

I am working right now with our account to see if I can create these in a group calendar for ease of access.

I also want to draw attention to a change in one existing meeting: the Triage meeting will be moving from Tuesday to Monday, so that it can better align work on Issues and PRs for the week. I'll send a follow up email on Monday morning to remind everyone about this change.

Thanks for your patience while we bootstrap this process.


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