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Hi Jack,

OE SDK is a community-run project, and was contributed to the Confidential Computing Consortium ( in 2019. While the project is and continues to be very actively developed, and there are several companies using this project in production today, you should make your own decision regarding whether it meets your needs. If you have specific questions about the project, I’m happy to help find answers to them 😊

You can find information about the project’s release roadmap on GitHub, e.g.:

Or by joining the project’s public meetings, which you can find on the calendar:


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I'm building a poker application that requires leveraging a framework for enclave applications, and I'm interested in using Microsoft's OpenEnclave. I'm a bit concerned about building on top of it if there is a risk that the project is abandoned. Would you be willing to provide me more information about OpenEnclave's timeline? Is the SDK production-ready in its current form?

Thank you.


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