CFP: FOSDEM 2021 (Online) - Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing Devroom


Dear OpenEnclave community,

As you may or may not know, we are organizing the 2nd (online) edition
of a "hardware-aided trusted computing" devroom at the upcoming FOSDEM
21 conference. FOSDEM is one of the biggest open-source events in the
world, which is attended each year by thousands of open-source
enthusiasts, users, and contributors. The next FOSDEM will necessarily
take place online, 6&7 February 2021.

We already have several talk proposal submissions for the TEE devroom,
but I cannot see OE-related submissions at the moment. I personally
think OE is one of the prominent and ambitious TEE open-source projects,
so I just wanted to point you attention to this opportunity. This year's
online edition allows to present your exciting open-source TEE research
projects to a worldwide broad community and maybe even find new
followers or contributors.

The submission deadline for talk proposals (it can be a short title and
abstract of a few sentences) is next week December 23, 2020, but you are
encouraged to submit proposals asap to help organization going smooth.
The talk recordings for accepted talks would be prepared first half of
January, and the conference with live Q&A is Feb 6-7 2021. You can find
the full CFP here (also pasted below for convenience):

I of course understand you may or may not prefer to give an online talk
and you may be busy, so consider my email as merely a kind FYI :-)

Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have.

Best regards and wishing you all a happy end of the year!

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# FOSDEM 2021 (Online) - Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing Devroom Call
For Participation

## About FOSDEM

[FOSDEM]( is a free event for software
developers to meet, share ideas and collaborate.
Every year, thousands of developers of free and open source software
from all over the world gather at the event in Brussels. In 2021, they
will gather online. FOSDEM is free to attend. There is no registration.

## Devroom overview and objectives

Following the success of [last year's
we are for the 2nd time organizing a devroom devoted to the emerging
open-source ecosystem around
*hardware-based Trusted Execution Environments (TEEs)*.
Under TEEs, we understand architectures that allow to isolate and attest
trusted "enclave" software components running on top of a
potentially compromised operating system.
Over the last years, all major processor vendors have developed some
form of TEE support, e.g., Intel's
[Software Guard Extensions
and upcoming [Trust Domain Extensions
and upcoming

AMD's [Secure Encrypted Virtualization
and upcoming SEV-ES/SEV-SNP extensions,
and IBM's [Protected Execution Facility

Hence, with today's mainstream consumer hardware being increasingly shipped
with these advanced trusted computing technologies, this devroom wants to
foster discussion on the much-needed open-source TEE ecosystem amongst
players, academics, enthusiasts, hobbyists, and project maintainers.

## Desirable topics

The devroom's topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

* Programming frameworks for TEEs: how to develop free and open-source
that can run inside enclaves (e.g., library OSs, SDKs, Linux kernel
support, etc.).
* Compiler and language support for emerging trusted hardware extensions.
* Open-source enclave processor designs (e.g., RISC-V TEEs).
* Use cases and applications on top of TEEs.
* TEE-specific attacks and defenses: reverse engineering, side-channels,
vulnerabilities, exploits.
* Vision: future TEEs (what is missed, proposals, wishes, discussions).

## New rules: What changes since last year

For obvious reasons, this year the event will not take place in a
physical location but online.

* The reference time will be [Brussels local lime
* Talks will be pre-recorded in advance, and streamed during the event.
* Q/A session will be take live.
* A facility will be provided for people watching to chat between
* A facility will be provided for people watching to submit questions.
* Once your talk was accepted, we will assign you a deputy to help you
to produce the pre-recorded content.
* During the stream of your talk, you must be available online for the
Q/A session

## Key dates

* <mark>Submission deadline: 23 December 2020</mark>
* Announcement of selected talks: 31 December 2020
* Conference dates 6 & 7 February 2021 **(online)**
* Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom date: Saturday 6 February
2021 **(online)**

## Submit a talk proposal

Submissions are required to proceed through the [FOSDEM 2021 Pentabarf
website]( Create an
"event" and click on "Show all" in the top right corner to display the
full form.

Your submission must include the following information:

* Your contact email.
* The title (and possible subtitle) of your talk: please be descriptive,
as the audience will have to choose to attend your talk out of a listing
with ~500 talks from other projects at FOSDEM.
* Select "Hardware-Aided Trusted Computing devroom" as the track.
* A short abstract of one paragraph.
* A longer description if you wish to do so.
* Links to related websites / blogs etc.

## Contact and organizers

* Main organizer: Jo Van Bulck (jo.vanbulck@...)
* The devroom is supported by the [Confidential Computing

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