V0.18.4 for Open Enclave SDK Released

Radhika Jandhyala

Hello Everyone,

The 0.18.4 version of the Open Enclave SDK has been released on Github.

You can find the release page for v0.18.4 at https://github.com/openenclave/openenclave/releases, where you can download the packages/sources and find the changelog.

The Ubuntu packages are available to download from packages.microsoft.com APT repo. The Windows packages are available in nuget.org.

Release notes:

* Added oe_set_host_log_level and oe_set_enclave_log_level APIs to dynamically modify host and enclave log level verbosity, respectively. See #4610<https://github.com/openenclave/openenclave/pull/4610> for more details
* Added backtrace debug log for unhandled exceptions if the enclave is configured with and CapturePFGPExceptions=1, the backtrace information will be printed in the enclave log when an in-enclave exception is not handled by trusted handlers. If the enclave is not configured with CapturePFGPExceptions=1, the similar helper message in the following will be printed in the log: 2022-07-13T00:25:05+0000.276579Z (H)ERROR] tid(0x7f6cbb2b1f40) | Unhandled in-enclave exception. To get more information, configure the enclave with CapturePFGPExceptions=1 and enable the in-enclave logging.


* Fixed bugs in oe_validate_revocation_list regarding PCCS API v3.0
* Fixed issue where oe_hex_dump prints data to stdout, even when logging callback is set
* Fixed the issue where enclave stack was not showing up in ocall callstack in Windows debuggers. Added padding to restore offset of callsites field to previous value.


* Updated OpenSSL used inside the enclave to v1.1.1q. See OpenSSL's release notes<https://www.openssl.org/news/openssl-1.1.1-notes.html> for more details
* Update Mbed-TLS used inside the enclave to 2.28.1. See Mbed-TLS's release notes<https://github.com/Mbed-TLS/mbedtls/releases/tag/v2.28.1> for more details.

Packages this release was tested against

On Ubuntu 18.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.33.2
On Ubuntu 20.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.41
On Windows Server 2019: DCAP: PSW: