Open Enclave SDK 0.18.2 Released

Radhika Jandhyala

Hello Everyone,

The 0.18.2 version of the Open Enclave SDK has been released on Github.

You can find the release page for v0.18.2 at, where you can download the packages/sources and find the changelog.

The Ubuntu packages are available to download from APT repo.

The Windows NuGet packages are on

Release notes

* Fixed the incorrect behavior of pthread_mutex_init() and std::mutex such that they no longer create a recursive lock by default. Please see issue #4555<> for more details.


* Mitigated CVE-2022-21233. Please refer to the security advisory<> for the same.
- The mitigations require an extra copy for ocalls in oeedger8r generated code.
- If you are running on a processor that is not affected by the CVE, you can turn off oeedger8r introduced mitigations by setting bool oe_edger8r_secure_unserialize = false; in enclave side code.

Packages this release was tested against

On Ubuntu 18.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.33.2
On Ubuntu 20.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.41
On Windows Server 2019: DCAP: PSW: