Open Enclave SDK v0.18.1 Released

Radhika Jandhyala

Hello Everyone,

The 0.18.1 version of the Open Enclave SDK has been released on github. This release is to fix 3 issues reported. Please review release notes in order to decide if the issues impact your application and prioritize upgrades accordingly.
You can find the release page for v0.18.1 at, where you can download the packages/sources and find the changelog.

The Ubuntu packages are available to download from APT repo.

The Windows NuGet packages are on

Release notes

This release fixes the following issues

1. Calling oe_log from an enclave resulted in partial log output. #4547<> fixed this.
2. Fixed #4540<>. The fix does not introduce functional changes, but updates memcpy_with_barrier such that the source address will be always aligned when the function does 2- or 4-byte memory write.
3. Fixed #4542<>. The issue affects only those applications that ignore SIGHUP, SIGALRM, SIGPIPE, SIGPOLL, SIGUSR1, orSIGUSR2 using signal(signum, SIG_IGN) on Linux. The issue has no impact on the enclave runtime.

Packages this release was tested against:

On Ubuntu 18.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.33.2
On Ubuntu 20.04: DCAP: PSW: SGXDriver: 1.41
On Windows Server 2019: DCAP: PSW: