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Welcome to the Confidential Computing Consortium security-all mailing list. This is an invitation-only list where core maintainers coordinate on embargoed security information, and may also be used to disclose suspected vulnerabilities in Confidential Computing Consortium projects that do not have a security escalation path. Discussion on this list is confidential, and is limited to discussing the impact and resolution of security concerns prior to public disclosure.

This list is configured to receive emails from anyone who has subscribed to any other Confidential Computing Consortium mailing list. You must at least join the main mailing list to send email to this list.

The Confidential Computing Consortium (CCC) brings together hardware vendors, cloud providers, and software developers to accelerate the adoption of Trusted Execution Environment (TEE) technologies and standards.

CCC is a project community at the Linux Foundation dedicated to defining and accelerating the adoption of confidential computing. It embodies the open governance and open collaboration that has aided the success of similarly ambitious efforts. The effort includes commitments from numerous member organizations and contributions from several open source projects.

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